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This young talent just started his 20's and is already an artist to watch. Dastic was born with a gift and his gift to you is his ever growing passion to aim for innovation and perfection in his music.

Growing up in the Netherlands, Damian Bast alias Dastic, created a massive interest in music as he started to produce his own tunes at a very young stage in life. His own sound was born when he discovered that he doesn’t like to define music as a certain genre. He strives to search for the best sounds and combine them with credible vocals and sweet fresh melodies to create something beautiful.

Dastic is a part of the next musical generation, a young talent who is ready to spread his ‘fandastic’ tunes all over the world. “Music is everything to me, I don’t see myself doing something that’s not music related.”





  • Skyline sessions ADE

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