“A Deeper Love” was the message and Sweet Dreams were all you could hope for after a night of Insomnia caused by Faithless and Rihanna who told you that “This is What you Came For”.

Dance music shaped the world in the last couple of decades and is the most influential music genre out there. GOOD LIFE brings you the best dance music from the last 25 years in a way you haven’t seen or heard before! DJ Joshua Walter will take you Higher with the amazing voices provided by Miss Bunty and Berenice. Feel the Rhythm of the Night with Dillon Lewis on percussion and see the music come to life through the amazing visuals by VJ Jayo Tony.

Meet the team:
Joshua Walter is one of the most hard working eclectic dance DJ’s in the Netherlands, with a fine-tuned sense of eclecticism to make everyone have a good time. His extremely wide range of possibilities is exemplified by his performances at major clubs, parties and festivals all over the globe. With so much experience Joshua has the ability to keep the party vibe going strong no matter what.

Berenice effortlessly blends lyrics and melodies over an eclectic mix of musical styles. It is her distinctive talent, combined with flawless improvisation which makes Berenice one of the most requested Singers/MC’s in the industry. Her charm and charisma make every performance an unforgettable experience.

Miss Bunty is one of Europe’s leading dance-vocalists with a voice that has enlightened and rocked many clubs, parties, festivals, radioshows and television performances all around the world. She is sometimes compared to “Shirley Bassey on Acid”, Miss Bunty is a powerful entertainer who knows how to spice up any party.

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