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David Penn

David Penn


David Penn, a Spanish house music titan, continues to reign supreme in the industry as we dive into the summer of 2023. His dedication, spanning over two decades, placed him at the zenith of his career. It also earned him the title of the #1 ranked Beatport House Music artist of all time, according to Beatstats. David stands unwavering, ready to fortify his leading position further. He will release a flurry of new tracks and remixes for esteemed labels such as Defected, Z Records, Tinted, Altra Moda and Armada. Showcasing his unparalleled ability to reinvent iconic Ibiza anthems like ‘The Real Life,’ ‘I Thought It Was You,’ and ‘La Mezcla.’ These tracks already received widespread acclaim for their fresh sound and innovative approach, echoing across Ibiza and beyond.

Amid a bustling touring schedule, David Penn’s global journey continues unabated. He graces stages at renowned venues like Masquerade (Pacha) with Claptone and Defected at Eden in Ibiza. Infusing every performance with his signature passion and enthusiasm. His relentless drive and commitment to excellence resonate with audiences worldwide.

2023 also marked a significant milestone for David. This year he celebrated 20th anniversary of Urbana Recordings, David’s acclaimed label. Celebrating over 600 radio show episodes, David is poised to honor this legacy with a series of special remixes and digital re-releases, further enriching the house music landscape.

The Future

With a career that spans nearly three decades, David Penn released seminal tracks such as “Sun Rising Up” by Deux and “Night Train” by Kadoc. His enduring influence and status as a pioneering force in house music are undisputed, firmly establishing him as the quintessential icon of the genre. David’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of house music and ensure his legacy will continue to inspire future generations.

For this year expect new releases and amazing performances from David Penn.

Upcoming shows

  • Groove Garden

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