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Mitch Crown


Mitch Crown is one of Holland’s true MCs, producer, singer, pianist and songwriter. The former Caribbean resident has a solid musical upbringing and a strong track record in producing hit records that combine quality and soul as well as crossover potential in today’s modern music scene.

Besides working in the studio creating amazing music, Crown has a major presence live, with regular MC gigs alongside the top DJ’s in the industry. Currently he’s the resident MC of Housequake (Roog & Erick E) and also hosts several festivals and club events throughout the Netherlands.
In the past Crown also started to MC alongside the top names in the Dutch scene including the likes of Fedde Le Grand, Funkerman and Hardsoul.

Another great success in Mitch Crown’s career was the track ‘Heaven’, a collaboration with Quintino, for which Crown wrote the lyrics and sung the vocals. The track was released in 2009, hit the Dutch top 40 charts and became a Radio 538 Dance Smash.

In 2010 Mitch joined Quintino (You Can’t Deny), Hardsoul (NRG) and Fedde le Grand (Rockin’ High) for new collaborations, but the highlight was his first solo single ‘Crazy’, selected by Radio 538 as ‘Dance Smash’ and by Slam FM as ‘Grandslam’.

To date, Crown has written and produced songs for artists such as Re-Play, Dignity, Nasty, David Goncalves, JK, Sat-R-Day, Ivan Peroti, Def Rhymz, Ebon-E, Milton (Ex-Romeo), Lloyd de Meza, Fouradi, P. Moody and many more. He then started recording his first single and album project with a group called Sat-R-Day. After working with different producers and song-writers he started his own production company called: EC-Music.

Upcoming shows

  • Thank Middelburg It's Friday
  • We All Love 80’s 90’s 00’s 10’s Hoek van Holland
  • Secret Forest Stadskanaal
  • Dance Valley
  • Live at the Lake
  • We All Love 80’s 90’s 00’s 10’s
  • Outdoor Stereo Festival
  • Housequake at the beach
  • Housequake presents History of House

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