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Pure Passion, Nothing Else

With a career spanning over three decades, Funkerman defies the label of ‘the old guard’ in the music industry. His impressive achievements include multiple chart-topping singles such as ‘Rule the Night’ and ‘The One’, sold-out venues worldwide, and the founding of Flamingo Recordings in 2004. Despite his global success, Funkerman remains rooted in his musical origins.

Roots in Hip-Hop

Funkerman’s journey began in the late eighties and early nineties with Hip-Hop, where he discovered his innate musical talent and ventured into the world of turntablism. However, it was House Music that ultimately became his true calling, shaping the trajectory of his career.

His Own View

To Funkerman, DJing is more than just playing music; it’s a deeply personal expression of creativity and passion. He values the magic of spinning, the excitement of live performances, and the transformative process of creating new tracks in the studio. Funkerman’s approach to music is unconventional, driven by authenticity and a commitment to artistic integrity.

That Feeling

Central to Funkerman’s DJing philosophy is the ephemeral connection he shares with his audience. Each performance is a unique experience, guided by intuition and a profound understanding of the crowd’s energy. While success in the industry often hinges on following trends, Funkerman remains dedicated to crafting memorable musical experiences that transcend mainstream expectations.

With a career spanning over three decades, Funkerman refuses to count himself as ‘the old guard’. Nevertheless, all his achievements cannot be ignored: multiple chart positions, at the top of the club charts with singles such as ‘Rule the Night’ and ‘The One’, sold-out venues at home and abroad, the hit ‘Speed Up’ on his own label Flamingo Recordings (established in 2004) and the many successful collaborations that followed. Funkerman has been traveling the world continuously for many years.


In the competitive world of DJing, Funkerman stands out for his innovative approach and unwavering passion. He navigates the established rules with creativity and conviction, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry. For Funkerman, music is not just a career but a lifelong journey of self-expression and connection with others.

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