Best known as a globe-trotting house DJ, Funkerman, the alias of Ardie van Beek, is also a successful producer and the founder of Flamingo Recordings. Van Beek began spinning Hiphop & R&B in the 90’s. Over time, he got into house music and began spinning professionally. his first residency was at the Spock club in Breda. His weekly DJ gigs at the Spock led to other opportunities, including further DJ gigs, employment at a record store, and A&R work. In 2003 he founded Flamingo Recordings, on which he released his production work & signed music from other artists. The label’s more popular releases are licensed for international release; for example, van Beek’s Speed Up (2007) was picked up for release by Defected, one of the United Kingdom’s leading house labels. In addition Funkerman occasionally produces tracks for other labels such as Stealth Records (in the case of Fallin’ in Love, 2006) and Spinnin’ Records (Wheels in Motion, 2007 and We’ve Got the Love, 2016). He also employs his talents as a remixer, reworking productions such as Ida Corr’s international smash hit “Let Me Think About It” for example.

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