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Funkerman, known to his postman as Ardie van Beek, (born 1975, Breda, The Netherlands), is a house DJ/producer and founder of Flamingo Recordings.

From his first love of pioneering US hip hop, through obsessive crate digging for classic soul and r’n’b, to riding on the first waves of US house; he has always been on a quest to find, make and play new and exciting music.
Whilst spinning at the Spock club in Breda in the mid nineties he was also starting to produce and promote music, while working in local record store, Magik.




  • Wasteland
  • Insight
  • Metz Easter Sunday
  • Summer Of Love pres. Housequake Festival
  • The Promised Land Open air 6th Anniversary
  • 7th Sunday
  • Sunrise festival SHOMI area
  • Beachboom
  • Beachclub Fuel

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