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Let’s get to know Housequake

Housequake, the collaboration between Roog (Rogier van Bueren) and Erick E (Erick Eerdhuijzen) are set to celebrate their 20-year anniversary this year. What started as a spontaneous back2back set between the two biggest club DJs of the Netherlands has grown into a dance phenomenon that generations of clubbers have grown up with.

The Housequake duo

Both Erick and Roog have been a key component as solo artists in the Dutch dance scene since the 90s. Following a venture as a turntablist which saw him participate in the DMC world championships, Erick experienced his breakthrough as resident of the revered RoXY club in Amsterdam. Roog enjoyed his international breakthrough with his Hardsoul project on renowned British house label Defected, placing the soulful and funky house sound on the map with his “Sound of Love and Dedication” compilations. Both artists have made an undeniable contribution to the Dutch scene as residents of clubs and concepts such as Now &Wow, Sneakerz, RUSH, Club More, Beachbop Bloemendaal, FFWD Dance Parade, Club Risk, Winkel van Sinkel and they have performed at all the key festivals such as Mysteryland, Sensation, Dance Valley, ADATP and many other events.

Housequake’s 20 year anniversary

The saying that the sum is greater than its individual parts appears to be coined for the Housequake duo. Individual artistic success is one thing, but put these two guys in a DJ booth together and something truly magical occurs! And the audience feels that! Using no less than four decks, elements of various tracks are mashed up and thrown into the mix so new unique music is made on the fly! Therefore, never expect a standard festival set from the Housequake guys because every show is completely unique! This innovative way of approaching their sets has gained legions of fans, but also huge respect from many fellow DJs. Artists such as Franky Rizardo, Benny Rodrigues, Oliver Heldens and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano  all state they have been inspired by Housequake.

All of this deserves a 20-year anniversary to be proud of. During their History of House tour, Roog and Erick E will make a musical journey into 20 years of house. All essential tracks that have played their part in Roog and Erick’s sets over the years will go into the famous Housequake blender and be transformed into an energetic mix of flashbacks, nostalgia and phat beats!
Following a trip around the country’s most prestigious music venues, the tour will reach its climax in style at the Netherlands’ most legendary pop temple: Paradiso in Amsterdam. In addition, the festivals in the summer season will not be missed.

To witness this unique History of House show visit their website for all tour data. Purchasing tickets for multiple dates is highly recommended, as the shows are always unique every time! And to give a preview what to expect, check out their live dj set for Slam Mix Marathon here.

Upcoming shows

  • SLAM! MixMarathon live on air
  • Housequake presents History of House
  • Housequake presents History of House
  • Housequake presents History of House @ Burgerweeshuis
  • Housequake presents History of House at the beach
  • Housequake presents History of House at Vibes
  • HOH Kingsday special Rotterdam
  • Bevrijdingsdance Paradiso
  • Thank Middelburg It's Friday
  • Live at the Lake

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